As reported yesterday, Eurogamer has come forward with what it believes to be solid details on Nintendo NX - it reports on a portable device with detachable controllers and a 'base' for playing on the TV, while Nvidia's Tegra technology is powering the system's graphics through the GPU. As sets of rumours go it's the most solid batch we've seen, and having spoken to Eurogamer colleagues and a couple of other sources we believe that the reports are, at the very least, largely accurate of what's being said by confidential and relevant sources.

As these reports are the most solid and verifiable we've seen, we're certainly inclined to treat them more seriously than the gaggle of bits-and-pieces rumours that have followed NX for months on end; we recently considered some important factors and angles around the idea. One aspect causing a lot of chatter is around the apparent Tegra GPU, with many wondering what it'll be able to deliver, especially in terms of confirmed games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Project Sonic 2017.

Digital Foundry, part of the Eurogamer group that broke the story, has produced a very handy video breakdown of the NX details, and particularly the Tegra technology. It's well worth a watch if you're interested in what the NX could potentially do on a graphical and technical level.