Heart Rate - Nintendo NX

Here's an interesting little tidbit which might give us some clues as to the direction which the the NX might be taking, perhaps the 'handheld' component should there be one.

Taiwanese company Pixart Imaging is a player in CMOS-based heart-rate monitoring (HRM) solutions which are used by brands in the fitness sector such as LG and Under Armour. It seems that in a recent Chinese Commercial Times report it has been revealed that their HRM sensor will support the upcoming Nintendo NX platform.

From the sounds of it the company's HRM sensor transmits LED light waves into the skin and measures the response change caused by absorption due to pulsating arterial blood. Much like the way the Apple Watch or newer Garmin fitness watches work; most serious runners or cyclists tend to measure their heart-rate while training. The report in question even ties the technology into Virtual Reality applications, before linking the chips to the NX.

Pixart is expected to complete tape-out of chips supporting VR (virtual reality) technology by year-end 2016, said the paper, adding that the chips will support next-generation Nintendo NX gaming machines.

How this might be used in the NX is anybody's guess, but it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility to see the handheld component of the NX measure steps like a pedometer, combined with an optional device which could combine this with heart rate data to offer a more rounded picture of the effectiveness of exercise. It could be super effective if Pokémon GO was to be one of the NX handheld games, or could be employed in a range of interesting game ideas. In any case, reports like this aren't to be taken as gospel either, so keep some salt handy.

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