Another helping of Splatoon-related content has arrived in Nintendo's smartphone social app Miitomo.

The most exciting items are Team Callie and Team Marie t-shirts, which cost 2,000 coins each and will be available until the 25th July.

Existing content from the previous Splatoon campaign is also coming back.

To accompany the final Splatfest, "It's a Squid Sisters Showdown! Callie vs Marie", which is happening in Splatoon from 9:00 UTC on Friday 22nd July until 9:00 UTC on Sunday 24th July, Miitomo will be holding a second promo event!

To mark the final Splatfest, the two biggest stars of the Splatoon world: the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie, go head-to-head in a climactic showdown worthy of the final Splatfest! And it won't just be affecting the world of Splatoon, Miitomo users can pick a side too! Will it be Callie? Or Marie?

Team Callie and Team Marie t-shirts are now available in the Miitomo Shop
- priced at 2,000 coins each
- available until 25/7/2016 14:59 UTC
- everyone will get a Squid Badge with an original design based on the winning team
- Squid Badges for both sides will be available in Miitomo Shop for a limited time
- bringing back items from the first promo for a limited time only:

Miitomo Drop: Until 14/7/2016 14:59 UTC, the Splatoon Theme stage will be available!

My Nintendo Reward: Until 15/7/2016 6:59 UTC, the Ink Tank can be obtained using Platinum Points!

Miitomo Shop: Until 15/7/2016 1:59 UTC, the Squid Badge will rejoin the line-up!


Will this news force you to open up the app for the first time in a while, or are you a seasoned Miitomo addict?