With its major update this week that introduced a new way to use Candy to earn game tickets, Miitomo is getting a bit of a push by Nintendo in order to try and lure back some users. The latest set of outfits to be won or bought in the app are snappy Super Mario t-shirts, and some of them are up for grabs on My Nintendo.

In Europe, where we've been checking, there are two Miitomo t-shirts available for free - one is a neat general design and the other is a Bowser design that won a poll on Twitter; in North America it'll be a Boo design that is free courtesy of the recent polls. Three other designs can be picked up for 200 Platinum Points.

My Nintendo Miitomo 2.png

Are you giving Miitomo a try in its updated form and planning to grab any of these virtual t-shirts? Let us know.

[source my.nintendo.com]