Nintendo and DeNA will have been learning a lot of lessons from both the successes and mis-steps of Miitomo, the quirky social app that started fast but burnt out rather rapidly. It's had frequent updates that have sped it up and improved the user interface - which plenty will have missed - but the latest changes may tempt long-term absentees to take another look.

Version 1.4.0 has now rolled out (at least it has in North America and the UK where we've checked) and introduces a new game where you can use that pointless Candy you've accumulated in order to get Game Tickets. It's game tickets you need for Miitomo Drop, the mini-game with a lot of neat outfits to be won, but many will have accumulated a lot of candies with missed attempts. These aren't particularly popular, mainly as they were previously only useful for unlocking friend's answers - hardly a thrilling pay-off.

Nintendo is changing all of that, in the process adjusting the in-game economy. You no longer need candies to get new answers from friends, but instead use them in the new Candy Drop game to nab extra tickets for the main Miitomo Drop game. The full changelist from the app is below.

Miitomo update.png

The general concensus from some going back to Miitomo after a few months is that it's improved quite a bit. Are you tempted to dip back in and check it out?