The Pokémon GO craze has various weird and wonderful parts to it - we're had many bizarre PR emails plugging GO 'walkers' that you pay to play the game for you, and even 'recharging rescuers' in town centres. Where there's a craze, there are entrepeneurs seeking opportunities.

One story that did raise a smile from us is from Holland - with thanks to Sjoerd Rijpkema for the heads up - where Pokémon GO road signs were produced. During the Vierdaagse hiking event in Nijmegen - called International Four Days Marches Nijmegen (thanks, Daan Koopman) - there were, predictably, a lot of GO players; in a semi-serious and humorous move signs were created as road warnings to look out for players.

They were ultimately so popular at the event that they got stolen, so three young student entrepreneurs called Geraldo, Jard and Tom have started a small business producing and selling the signs.

Geraldo and Jard pose with the signs

Speaking to Dutch publication they explain that it's a fun project rather than a major money-spinner or business, though they have sold a decent number of signs already.

It's a fun idea, and another apt example of Pokémon mania.