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Following its Q & A during E3 and the recent closure of the public beta, we know that Pokémon GO is due to arrive globally this month (July). The roll-out now seems to be underway, with the free-to-play app now available to download in Japan and Australia.

It's not yet available elsewhere at the time of writing, though we doubt it'll take long for it to land in North America and Europe. Of interest while many wait are details from the Japanese version, such as the prices on PokéMoney, the optional in-app currency that you can buy with real money; the following numbers are from Serebii, with some rough conversions to US dollars.

  • 100 PokéMoney = 120¥ (approx $1.18)
  • 550 PokéMoney = 600¥ (approx $5.43)
  • 1200 PokéMoney = 1200¥ (approx $11.85)
  • 2500 PokéMoney = 2400 ¥ (approx $24.70)
  • 5200 PokéMoney = 4800¥ (approx $51.37)
  • 14500 PokéMoney = 11800¥ (approx $143.24)

We won't know how good the value is on PokéMoney, of course, until the game is fully put to the test.

We'll keep an eye out for broader releases in other territories. If you're in Japan or Australia let us know whether you've downloaded this already.

With thanks to all that sent this in.

[source play.google.com, via serebii.net]