With each passing day since Pokémon GO launched we're getting a clearer picture of the scale of its success. By many metrics it's been almost unprecedented in its early levels of performance, and now some impressions on truly vital statistics bode well for the app's prospects as the initial hype simmers down.

A key area is in user retention. Millions of downloads are only part of the battle, as the profitability of any app is dependent on keeping players coming back every day. SurveyMonkey Intelligence has used its data to show that around 7 out of 10 users in the US are coming back to the app the day after they download it. Quoting an unnamed 'experienced mobile games industry executive', they reportedly said "I've never seen anything close to that. Phenomenal."

Pokemon GO retention.png

In terms of revenue, too, it's already been pegged at well over $1 million a day by multiple sources - SurveyMonkey Intelligence breaks it down to the average per day for each active user, and believes it's performing above past heavy hitters.

GO revenue.png

The app is still picking up millions of downloads a day in the US, with SurveyMonkey believing the app nearly hit 26 million users in the US on 14th July, taking it past Google Maps, amazingly.

Go active users.png

It's interesting to see more angles to the statistics. Longevity will be the key, but it seems certain that in addition to continuing the roll-out to more major countries Niantic will be working on updates and new features to keep players hooked.

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