Pokemon GO

Just yesterday, Pokémon GO began rolling out across Australia and Japan, kicking off the official launch of the highly anticipated AR game. Of course, it was a given that the game wouldn't be too far behind in other countries and regions, and the game has now officially been made available in the US on iOS and Android devices.

Of course, many of you are probably wondering how much Pokémoney -- the game's in-app currency -- is going to cost in real world dollars, so here's a quick breakdown on what it equates to:

  • 100 Pokécoins = $0.99
  • 550 Pokécoins = $4.99
  • 1,200 Pokécoins = $9.99
  • 2,500 Pokécoins = $19.99
  • 5,200 Pokécoins = $39.99
  • 14,500 Pokécoins = $99.99

What do you think? Are you gonna catch 'em all? Do you think the prices for Pokécoins are fair? Share your thoughts in the comments below.