Image: http://soperth.com.au / So Perth

As Pokémon GO has begun to roll out across the world, some fans are reporting that the smartphone app has already had a positive effect on their mental health.

Of course the key hook to Pokémon Go is going outdoors to catch Pokémon in the real world. According to a recent study it was found that women who walked 200 minutes a week had more energy, felt better emotionally, socialised more and were not as limited by their depression when researchers checked in with them again after three years.

Twitter is awash with people's real life experiences with using Pokémon GO outdoors and it seems to help affirm the findings of this study, at least anecdotally.

Here are just a small handful of examples which we've seen:



Of course someone has to take it a bit too far...


Have you experienced any positive mental health benefits from using Pokémon GO in your experience or do you think this is all a bit Farfetch'd? (Sorry.)

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