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As it does every year Nintendo UK is putting quite a lot of effort into HYPER JAPAN, the expo running at Olympia, London from 15th - 17th July. It's a celebration of all things Japanese culture, from clothing to art, to food and drink; Nintendo naturally fits right in as a beacon of entertainment from the country.

Following the initial revealed plans Nintendo has now confirmed more details of what it'll be doing at the event. A highlight is confirmation of daily on-stage demonstrations of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, giving attendees a chance to get a closer look at next year's Wii U / NX title. More of the stage details are below:

...Fans of Capcom®'s Monster Hunter Generations™ can celebrate the game's launch weekend by joining expert YouTuber Arekkz Gaming as he heads to the stage to show off his hunting style and takes on a local multiplayer hunt – live on stage! As well as being playable on the Nintendo booth, budding hunters can download the Monster Hunter Generations demo now from Nintendo eShop and bring their Nintendo 3DS family system to HYPER JAPAN to team up with Arekkz Gaming and other players locally.

Comedian and long-time gamer, Imran Yusuf, will also be heading to HYPER JAPAN, taking to the Nintendo stage in a bid to complete the very best fan-created Super Mario Maker courses. Nintendo UK is today challenging would-be level designers to take inspiration from HYPER JAPAN, as the courses created and submitted that are most in line with the tone of the festival will be pre-selected for Imran to play live on-stage with Nintendo UK, streaming the session live via Nintendo UK's Twitch channel. Those keen to enter their courses simply need to follow Nintendo's social channels and share their course ID in the comments section of the relevant post on Facebook and Twitter. All selected courses will also be made available for all Super Mario Maker players to try via the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website following HYPER JAPAN.

There will be plenty more on-stage activities taking place at HYPER JAPAN as Nintendo will host and live stream via the Nintendo UK Twitch channel a number of on-stage tournaments which attendees can get involved in, game demonstrations for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games both out now and coming soon as well as other special activities. Some on-stage highlights will include DRAGON QUEST VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past, Rhythm Paradise Megamix, Splatoon and Pokkén Tournament. Nintendo will also be bringing to the stage special activities for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, so be sure to bring your trained amiibo along to take part. Visit the Nintendo website for a full schedule of Nintendo's on-stage line-up for HYPER JAPAN.

Beyond that there are plenty of playable games confirmed - many are already released, but there are a few first opportunities for the UK public to try games due later this year, including Dragon Quest VII.

We'll be heading along to HYPER JAPAN to take pictures and check out the show; are any of you UK-based readers planning to go?