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Pokémon GO may have ensnared millions of players with its monster-catching gameplay but not everyone is a fan, it would seem. Hollywood director Oliver Stone - famous for such critically-acclaimed movies such as JFK, Platoon and Nixon - has been speaking about the game at this year's Comic-Con, and he's clearly a little worried about its wider impact.

Stone was at the event to speak about Snowdon, a movie based on Edward Snowden, the man who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013. His concerns are, perhaps unsurprisingly, based around surveillance and companies like Google controlling the lives of its users:

It's not really funny. Their search for profits is enormous here, enormous.

Nobody has ever seen in the history of the world [a company like] Google. It's the biggest new fastest growing business ever and they have invested a huge amount of money into what surveillance is — it's data mining. They're data mining every single person in this room for information as to what you're buying, what you like and above all your behaviour. So Pokémon Go kicks into that.

It's not for profit at the beginning but it becomes for profit at the end, because it creates its own awareness and it gets to us everywhere in the world, until it manipulates our behavior and we start to act like that. It has happened a bit already out there on the internet but you'll see a new form – frankly, a robot society where they all know how you want to behave. It's what they call totalitarianism.

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