Etrian Odyssey 5.jpg

With Etrian Odyssey V heading to the 3DS in Japan in August, hype is starting to build for the latest in the much-loved franchise. We're still waiting for word of localisation to the West, but it's nevertheless interesting to follow the game's progress as it works towards the Japanese release.

The latest update is exciting for fans of FM (frequency modulation) sounds - in basic terms, a retro sound often associated with the arcade and SEGA console eras of the late '80s and early '90s. It's been confirmed that following the game's release there'll be paid DLC that'll switch background music to the FM sound source. In other words, this paid extra will allow players to enjoy listening to music as if from a bygone era.

If you want an idea of what to expect, you can listen to a free sample on the official website. It's also worth noting that famous composer Yuzo Koshiro has been credited for the work that'll make this DLC possible; if that name seems familiar, you may have seen it earlier as he's one of the composers on promising upcoming 3DS eShop title Gotta Protectors.

If this game and DLC does make it to the West as we hope it will, would you pay a little extra for this FM background music?

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