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The 3DS eShop has hosted plenty of retro-styled games, a number of which have been excellent. We're rather optimistic about another that's on the way - Gotta Protectors by Ancient Games.

Known as Protect Me Knight 2 in Japan, this one arrives in North America on 21st July and will cost $12.99. That's an ambitious price, but this co-operative action / tower-defence has plenty to it, with six quirky classes of characters with items that can be heavily customised, along with a promised 100 stages with four difficulty settings for each. In addition it supports local co-op for up to four players - including Download Play - and has a feature where you can create your own maps and share them as QR codes.

The visuals look great, and in addition there are some outstanding composers involved. The biggest name is arguably Yuzo Koshiro, with credits that include Streets of Rage 1 to 3 and Actraiser. Check out the trailer / showcase below.

We think this is looking rather tasty, and hopefully European and Australian releases won't be far behind, if at all. It's also worth noting, if you missed it in the video, that an 'FM Sound Pack' - which sounds like soundtrack DLC - will also be available for an extra $7.99.

Are you excited about this one?