As if we haven't typed the word Pokémon enough in the past few days, we now have more news around the series. This time it's all about two new Pokémon that have been revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon, popping up courtesy of leaked CoroCoro magazine scans.

The new arrivals consist of a bear(!) called Kiteruguma which is Normal/Fighting with the abilities Fluffy and Klutz, while the ghost is called Mimikkyu, is a Ghost/Fairy and has an ability called Disguise. These are preliminary translations (and the Japanese names) from the Pokémon extraordinaire Joe Merrick over on Serebii.

Pokemon new CoroCoro.jpg
Image: Serebii

Serebii has now added some more details, below.

People in Alola are scared of Kiteruguma to the point of having warning signs about it. It is really strong and can break anything in two. It likes to hug its trainers but is strong. Raising one puts your life in danger.

Mimikkyu hates sunlight, preferring dark places. It is rumoured that the cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. Don't try to remove the cloth it is said that those that do become afflicted with an illness.

More details and likely a trailer will emerge soon, but in the meantime let us know what you think of these new arrivals.