Who could it be?

Pokkén Tournament was a fun and quirky new fighter released in March, merging the 3D fighter action of the Tekken Series with the pocket monsters of Pokémon. We absolutely loved it, praising the accessible, yet deep, nature of the gameplay. The character roster is one of the game's many strengths featuring a diverse array of fighters, some of which might seem to be somewhat bizarre (seriously, Chandelure?). All the same, it's been recently announced that a new fighter will soon be entering the fray.

The Pokkén Tournament Twitter teased the announcement earlier, saying that the fighter will be announced on July 14th via a NicoNico livestream, then added in on July 20th. Bear in mind, this announcement is for the arcade version, which is currently a Japan-only experience, but it would be shocking if a whole new character never made it to the popular console port. With any luck, this mystery fighter will be playable on your Wii U shortly after the arcade launch.

What do you think? Which Pokémon will it be? Who's your favorite fighter now? Drop us a comment in the section below.

Thanks to Mega_Yarn_Poochy for the tip!

[source gematsu.com]