Take this!

Rupees have been part of the Zelda series from the very beginning. Found in long grass, pots and chests, Hyrule's currency is vital when it comes to purchasing new items and other goods.

However, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's move towards scavenging and collecting weapons, the humble Rupee has been pushed to the background somewhat - there's not even a Rupee counter on-screen, at least in the E3 demo.

Speaking to IGN a short time ago, Eiji Aonuma even confirmed that Rupees work a little differently this time around:

It's about collecting things and going to sell them and then using the rupees you get to buy new things.

Given that Rupees were nowhere to be seen during the E3 demo, some assumed that they might not be featured in the typical fashion - but French site Nintendo Sphere has actually managed to find one "in the wild".

Playing the Breath of the Wild demo in Paris last week, the site discovered a purple Rupee on the ground near the body of a Guardian - an enemy like the one seen in the original reveal trailer.

As far as we're aware, this is the first time the famous currency has been spotted in the game. You can tell by how excited the guys get.

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