Those of you with long memories will recall that we covered the first episode of The BitBlock's "Make Believe" series a while back. Focused on the idea of the Wii U Animal Crossing game we all really wanted (rather than the one we actually got), it boasted lavish production values rarely witnessed on YouTube.

While we haven't seen any other episodes since then, The BitBlock boss Josh Thomas has just released a special "Make Believe Digital Event" which - in case you hadn't guessed - pokes a little fun at the fact that Nintendo won't be holding its own video showcase at this year's E3.

The event follows the format of Nintendo's traditional "Nintendo Direct" broadcasts quite closely, and contains images and footage taken from forthcoming Make Believe episodes. These include an Animal Crossing fishing game, a mode in Splatoon which allows you to clad your inklings in clothes based on amiibo characters, a new Mario Party game which resurrects old mini-games and - possibly most exciting of all - a real Battle Mode arena in Mario Kart 8 based on Super Mario Sunshine's Delfino setting.

As before, the amount of work which has gone into these segments is stunning - Thomas has rendered everything to such a fine level of detail that you'd swear that Delfino course was the real thing. The whole video has clearly been crafted with a lot of love and attention, and is well worth ten of your trivial earth minutes.