Nintendo's Digital Event during E3 2015 had its ups and downs, with some reveals sparking discontent among many watching Nintendo fans. Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival was a reveal that caused some frustration - it was a Wii U game in the franchise, just not the one we were expecting.

In our view amiibo Festival didn't succeed in its goal to avoid being a thoroughly average spin-off, but fans naturally still hope for the Animal Crossing Wii U game of their dreams. Some do so more than others, and TheBitBlock posted a brilliant video this past weekend talking about a full instalment for the series on Wii U. There are detailed - and rather pretty - animations and mock-ups for a town, a nice twist on transport and even details on the UI and related features.

It's an impressive effort, check it out below.

In truth we think the odds of a full release in the series now coming to Wii U are close to nil, as Nintendo will no doubt divert most of its development efforts - especially on tentpole franchises - into the NX generation. We'd love to see some of these ideas on that next-gen hardware, however.

Is this an Animal Crossing home console game you'd love to play? Let us know.

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