Bayonetta 2 is one of the Wii U's best exclusives, offering some amazing visuals and deeply rewarding action. It's also pretty sexy, with the protagonist bouncing provocatively on enemies and shedding her hair-like clothing with her more powerful attacks. It's trademark PlatinumGames, of course - and plenty of people love it all the more for this.

However, it would seem that certain teens feel that even by their decadent 2016 standards, everyone's favourite Umbra Witch is just a little too sexy. The game is the topic of the latest Teens React video, which sees a bunch of wide-eyed and idealistic young adults getting to grips with the 2014 action epic.

While everyone comes away suitably impressed by the visuals and the satisfying action, a few negative comments are passed on the game's use of sexuality, with one teen lamenting the fact that Bayonetta can't just "be the hero" and has to constantly use her body to entice male players. Another states that while he's enjoying the game plenty, the sexiness makes him feel uncomfortable.

Bayonetta 2's appearance on the video is the latest episode in its 2016 mini-renaissance. Famed YouTuber PewDiePie recently began playing the title on his channel, "dubbing it the best game of all time" - something which will have done the title's commercial fortunes no harm whatsoever.

Whatever your opinion on Bayonetta 2's sexy nature, the fact that this excellent game is reaching a wider audience via these videos is something we should all be grateful for. This is the kind of marketing Nintendo - and the Wii U - could really have done with back in 2014 when it was originally released.

Before watching, consider yourself warned that the video contains some bad language, as well as the usual "too sexy" stuff Bayonetta gets up to.