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Image: @RigelbotVR / Miitomo

As expected Nintendo has hosted its annual general meeting for shareholders, consisting of a presentation that largely reflects the (previously released) annual financial results for the last year and then a Q & A session. Nintendo typically avoids major announcements in this meeting as it's not formally open to the media, but sometimes interesting insights do emerge on the company's current strategies.

Twitter and NeoGAF regular Cheesemeister3k translated tweets by shareholder NStyles, who was sharing some of what was said in the Q & A, particularly. Many of the answers were variations of details we've heard before with a few fresh snippets, though Shigeru Miyamoto's comments around Virtual Reality certainly caught our eye. Based on the translations he further affirms what we already knew - that Nintendo is looking into VR - but then outlined key areas that are integral to Nintendo's goals of making the technology more suitable for its audience.

You can see these comments below.

VR is likely to be a dominant topic over the coming years, with the current range of headsets and options sure to be revised and adjusted to target mainstream audiences.

What do you think of Miyamoto-san's key criteria for Nintendo to move forward with VR?

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