The Power Glove is one of the most iconic peripherals in the history of gaming, despite the fact that it was a bit of a dud in both commercial and gameplay terms. Were it not for its starring role in The Wizard, the device may well have been forgotten entirely, but in more recent times other individuals are working hard to breath new life into the controller by modding it for use outside of gaming.

Hacker Nolan Moore recently attended the Bay Area Maker Faire to show off his project, which involves tinkering with the guts of the glove so it can control an AR Drone quadcopter. The control system is based on gestures and movements - you hold your hand flat to hover, make a fist and tilt it in any direction to affect pitch and roll, point a finger up or down to adjust altitude, and point straight and turn your hand for yaw.

You can see the results in action below, and while it's not entirely perfect, the fact that he's managed to get the project this far is commendable.

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