Entering the Rift
Image: Oculus

Nintendo has been famously dismissive of Virtual Reality lately, with NoA boss Reggie Fils-Aimé even going as far as to say that the tech "just isn't fun" right now.

However, with Sony pushing its own VR option and Oculus Rift winning over developers, the VR sector could become a massive part of the games industry. Some are predicting it could be worth over $120 billion in the near future, and that's something that hasn't escaped Nintendo's attention.

In a briefing with investors, Nintendo stated that it is "looking at VR", but stopped short on giving any further details:

Fils-Aimé himself revealed that Nintendo had experimented with VR behind the scenes in the past and the ill-fated Virtual Boy could be considered a very crude precursor to the new wave of headsets about to launch on the market, so the news that Nintendo has this tech on its radar should hardly come as a massive shock. What will be interesting is how its plans for VR link in with its new NX platform, rumoured for launch this year.

Could we see a VR headset launch later on in the console's lifespan, as Sony has done with its own PlayStation-based variant? Or could Nintendo be looking to create an entirely new piece of hardware - like the Virtual Boy - which uses VR exclusively? Perhaps neither of these examples will come to pass, and Nintendo will once again decide that the concept of immersive gaming goes against its core principles.

Let us know your thoughts on this - do you think Nintendo should embrace VR and take it to the next level in terms of gameplay, or should the company steer clear? Post a comment to tell us what you think.

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