Nintendo has revealed that another major update is coming to its social networking smartphone app Miitomo. No solid date has been given, but it's fair to assume it will be pushed out on June 30th - the same day that the app becomes available in three additional territories: Switzerland, Mexico and South Africa.

The most interesting element is the introduction of "Star Accounts" for "notable Mii". We assume this works in the same way as the "verified" badge on Twitter - famous people can mark their Miis so that other users know they're the real deal. The catch with this new feature is that it appears to be limited to Japan at present.

Another big change is the introduction of WhatsApp as a new connection tool.

Here's the changelog for the forthcoming update:

- Star Accounts: now, notable Mii can visit your room! You can also follow them and hear their answers! (only if your country is set to Japan)
- Talk about your news at any time when talking with your Mii
- Tap Links in Answers or Comments to open them in a browser
- Popularity Level and Style Level upper limit increased to 30
- Increased service options for sharing and sending invitations (including WhatsApp)
- Switzerland, Mexico, and South Africa have been added as region setting options
- Improved speeds and bug fixes are also planned

Are you still playing Miitomo? Will these changes encourage you to pick it up again if you've ignored it for a while?

[source perfectly-nintendo.com]