Bayonetta and its Wii U-exclusive sequel are two of PlatinumGames' most beloved releases. The first title was a cult classic that sold moderately well, but it took Nintendo's involvement to make the second a reality. While Bayonetta 2 was a critical success, only being available on one console (and the poorest-selling one of the generation to boot) will have undoubtedly hurt its sales potential.

You might assume then that the series has now stalled, but it would seem that isn't the case. Speaking in an interview at E3, the one-and-only Hideki Kamiya revealed that he's been thinking a lot about a third entry in the franchise:

GC: …I preferred Bayonetta's first haircut.
PR woman: [laughs]
HK: Then we will take that into account when we design her haircut when we start doing 3, if we ever make 3.
(The room is suddenly filled with gasps of shock, not just from us and the UK PR but also the other Microsoft and Platinum Games people.)
GC: Wha… what?! You can't tease me like that!
(Widespread laughter)
GC: Are you thinking of doing 3?
HK: Of course we want to make 3.
GC: [meekly] OK.
HK: Why should it end at 2?
GC: I don't think it should end at 2! Have you spoken to any publishers about this?
HK: No, but I've spent a lot of time thinking in my head what that game would be. I've got ideas in my head for Okami 2 as well.
Microsoft PR woman: What?!
(More shocked laughter from everyone.)
Platinum PR woman: I didn't know this!
GC: What are you doing, teasing us like this!
HK: We've got other Scalebounds in our heads too.

While it's easy to put this exchange down to Kamiya simply having a bit of fun, it's wise to remember just how unexpected the announcement of Bayonetta 2 was a while back. Perhaps we'll be seeing our favourite Umbra Witch in another title soon - possibly exclusive to NX, given Nintendo's close relationship with PlatinumGames? Maybe Okami will finally get a proper sequel, too?