Super Mario 64.jpg

2016 is a year with plenty of notable anniversaries, and now one of the most influential games in the industry's history is 20 years old. Super Mario 64 - hat-tip to this NeoGAF thread for the reminder - arrived in Japan on 23rd June 1996, and thanks to time zones that landmark has now been reached in Nintendo's homeland.

Not only was Super Mario 64 a welcome arrival for the series alongside the launch of the Nintendo 64, but it was mind-blowing and revolutionary at the time. It showcased 3D graphics, but perhaps more importantly demonstrated how 3D worlds could deliver outstanding gameplay. It was a game changer.

We wrote about this in some detail back in our 'Mario History' series in 2015, so check out our ode to its legacy in that article.

It's a great landmark for an outstanding game - feel free to share your thoughts and memories on this one in the comments below.