It's often touted that the opening video to Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube is one of the greatest video game intros that Nintendo has produced. It was a video that set the scene for the excitement to come, all the while showcasing the all-star cast that Nintendo had to offer. It's even often used as a sort of benchmark for every new Smash Bros. opening, as the video does more than simply compile gameplay footage and character trailers and went a step further by really exhibiting the GameCube's graphical prowess.

With that said, a group of over 30 animators have come together and recreated this epic intro, each contributing with their own art style. It's a fun watch, especially due to a few snappy inclusions that stems outside of the original video. Also, watch out for that Kirby.

Have a watch of the below and let us know your thoughts.