Fancy Party or Costume Party?

It's getting to be that time once again for the monthly Splatfest in Splatoon. After last month's epic battle between Spongebob and Patrick in the first Splatfest where both North America and Europe could compete, Nintendo is stepping it up and increasing the scope even more. The Splatfest taking place next weekend will be a simultaneous battle between all regions.

The theme is inspired by the fashion side of Miitomo, and the question is whether you prefer fancy parties or costume parties. Considering the sheer number of participants that will likely be part of this, it'll be interesting to see the final results. The times when the Splatfest will be taking place are as follows:

8 PM (13th May) – 3 AM (15th May) PST

4 AM (14th May) – 11 AM(15th May) UK

What do you think? Which side will you be taking? What are some themes you'd like to see in future Splatfests? Drop us a comment in the section below.