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Well, Pokémon is still a very big deal. Following the announcement of the Starter Pokémon through a debut trailer the franchise was trending on social media, and at the time of writing the trailer on the official Pokémon channel has amassed over 4.4 million views in a little over one day.

Pokémon Sun and Moon had been announced in February, but with only a logo and brief shots of concept art to show. With the trailers (different depending on region) confirming November release dates and showing a decent amount of content, fans have been able to pin down a number of small but notable details.

Pokémon 'Western' Trailer

Pokémon Japanese Trailer

Now that we have these details and our first looks at Rowlet, Litten and Popplio, we want to know how the reveals have set you up for the year of hype to come. Are you excited about the new setting and Starter Pokémon, or are you perhaps underwhelmed? You've had over 24 hours to think about it, so click on the poll buttons and share your views in the comments.

How excited are you about the first reveals for Pokémon Sun and Moon?
Which Pokémon Starter do you think you'll choose?
Do you think you'll pick up Pokémon Sun and Moon in November?

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