Splatoon 1 St Anniversary

Splatoon is one year old in Japan - a landmark that'll pass on 29th May in the West - and the game's official Twitter account has gone announcement crazy. Some of the details are certainly applicable to the West, and no doubt localised announcements will come in good time.

First of all Sheldon's Picks Volume 2 will come on 8th June in Japan, which will likely be the same date in Europe and potentially the evening of 7th June in North America.

Some tweets promote the Callie and Marie amiibo alongside rather neat little dioramas.

In addition July will see a new hardware bundle in Japan that includes the new amiibo.

Here's an exciting one, on 13th July a CD soundtrack will be released which will include tracks from the Squid Sisters' live concerts in addition to studio recordings.

Perhaps related, Tower Records in Tokyo seems to be teasing a Splatoon event in June...

FINALLY, there are a whole load of merchandise options on the way, including t-shirts, badges, hats and more.

That's a LOT of Splatoon, and shows just how big an impact the game has had not only on the gaming scene in Japan, but also in broader popular culture. We'll see if Nintendo of Europe and America have their own anniversary announcements later this weekend.

So, which of these goodies would you most like to own?