Just recently we shared the news that Legendary Pokémon Zygarde was released as a gift in Europe; now it's arrived in North America, with more to come as special rewards in May.

The Pokémon Company is releasing three enticing Pokémon in the US this month as Mystery Gifts through the Nintendo Network, to be found in Pokémon X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. In addition to Zygarde the US will also get a Shiny Xerneas and Shiny Yveltal; all three will be level 100. The schedule is as follows:

  • May 2–8: Zygarde
  • May 11–17: Shiny Xerneas
  • May 20–26: Shiny Yveltal

They'll all appear in the usual 'Mystery Gift' area in the game, after which you 'speak to the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center to receive the Pokémon.'

As for what they'll have to offer, you can see some pretty artwork and details below.


Considering the fact Zygarde has previously landed in Europe there may be a similar promotion in the region, though The Pokémon Company is tying these particular distributions to a celebration for Pokemon the Series: XYZ making its debut in the US.

Will you be picking these up? Let us know in the comments.

[source xy10.pokemontcgxy.com]