Good Smile Company is a producer of some of the cutest and / or most handsome Nintendo-themed figures around, depending on the game and range it's shooting for. The latest offering it's putting up for pre-order is a Link based on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

The figure's face is based more on the title's promotional / concept art than the way our hero appeared in the game, which makes him suitably moody and strong. The PVC figure is 20cm in height, and you can see some pictures below.

Link figure1.jpg
Link Figure 2.jpg
Link Figure3.jpg

Pre-orders are open now and will run until 27th July, with shipping due in November. It costs a hefty 15,800 Yen, though, which is a little over $140 at the current exchange rate, and that's before shipping comes into the equation.

Alas, most of us will simply gaze at it with admiration - the video below will rub it in further.

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