"Just gotta find my jotter"

Dragon Quest is 30 years old, and a few days ago a special "Anniversary Countdown Special" took place in Japan. While the event was very much about celebrating past games in the amazingly popular RPG series, there was a little bit of info about the forthcoming Dragon Quest XI worth mentioning.

Series creator Yuji Horii said that he would like to bring back the "Spell of Restoration" for the new instalment. He's referring to the password system used in the Japanese versions of the first and second games which allowed players to retain their progress.

The North American releases - renamed Dragon Warrior and Dragon Warrior II - introduced a battery back-up save, something which subsequent entries have also utilized in both Japan and North America.

Horii didn't state exactly how passwords would be used in the new game - perhaps they will be offered as an optional alternative for save game data or will be used alongside this method - but it's an interesting case of retro-fitting which old-school players should appreciate.

[source nintendoeverything.com, via gamestalk.net]