We're seeing a lot more unity in global releases - albeit with localisation delays - than in past years, with a number of intriguing titles making their way out of Japan to the West. Nevertheless a number of titles are still mysteries to all but the most enthusiastic importers, and one such 3DS release is even getting its own Nintendo Direct.

As we follow Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel we were intrigued to see a countdown launch for a Culcept Revolt Direct, which is going down at 8:30pm Japanese time on 11th May - that's 4:30am Pacific / 7:30am Eastern / 12:30pm UK / 1:30pm CET. Culdcept Revolt is heading to 3DS in July and is the first new entry (aside from ports and remasters) in the series in over a decade. It's primarily a game focused on collecting and using card decks, with a fantasy setting and plenty of strategic complexity. A lot of footage emerged earlier in the year - thanks, Gematsu.

Considering the fact that the DS port didn't make it West in 2008 this seems like it's only of interest in Japan. It's not the first Japan-only Direct, either, but it's pleasing to see small Directs featuring individual games back on the agenda. The more the merrier, hopefully with some in the works for games getting a global release.

In any case, the countdown has begun on Nintendo's YouTube channel. We'll likely show it on Nintendo Life, too, just out of curiosity.