It's been a couple months now since the last update went out for the 3DS, and fans around the world have no doubt been wondering what the hold-up has been. After all, the system surely won't become any more stable by itself. Fortunately, the tech wizards at Nintendo have worked their magic and figured out, yet again, how to cram even more stability into the aging autostereoscopic device.

System version 11.0.0-33 has now gone live, generously giving all 3DS owners the gift of stability. As per usual, this update will be a required download for anyone who'd like to regularly use the Nintendo Network and eShop, but it likely shouldn't take too long to download. As for what it really does, it probably just blocks another flashcart, or a similar software hiccup.

What do you think? Are you glad that Nintendo continues to put out these incremental updates? What major features would you like them to add? Share your thoughts in the comments below.