The Pokémon Company is one that's not shy to merchandising opportunities; it seems there's a Pokémon inspired variant to roughly any product you could think of. This is smart advertising, and it leads to increased brand recognition, but it sometimes also leads to some humorous outcomes. While most of the time the branding makes sense – such as cereal, toys, beach towels, etc. – there are some collaborations that make you wonder what the decision making process really looked like.

It was recently announced that a Japanese lingerie company called Yummy Mart collaborated with the Pokémon Company to produce a range of themed Pokémon undergarments. The range includes pajamas, a poncho, and an eye mask, and they're being developed in celebration of Pokémon's 20th anniversary this year. To get a look at the full collection, you can find it here, but we'd advise that you don't view this sort of thing while at work.

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