Pokkén Tournament has been out for a short while now, and a fun fact is that it's called Pokémon Tekken in Germany; next time someone tells you the comparison to Tekken is entirely erroneous, point them to Amazon Germany.

In any case, beyond that irrelevant factoid there are some new videos that have been shared by Nintendo UK. The subsidiary helped setup the game at the recent Hypespotting event in Glasgow, Scotland - though the event drew criticism for issues streaming its Street Fighter V tournament online, it's nevertheless a big part of the competitive gaming calendar in the country.

There are two videos - first up is a series of impressions from attendees, naturally positive about the game's merits.

Next up is a longer watch of over 70 minutes, which is the Pokkén Tournament Invitational from the event.

The game has a big year ahead of it as it'll try to break through in the competitive scene; do you think it'll succeed?

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