Cube up

As any video gaming veteran who lived through the early years of the industry will attest, we've never had it so good when it comes to AV output. Modern consoles support HDMI for a clean HD signal, and there's rarely a lot of effort involved in getting the right equipment - HDMI cables are cheap and plentiful, and as long as you've got a half-decent TV set, you can be assured of a top-class experience.

However, back in the early days of the industry we had a dizzying array of different standards to contend with, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. RF, composite, RGB SCART, S-Video - the list seems almost endless and many systems supported several of these options, making it tricky for gamers to know which one to go for.

The guys over at My Life in Gaming have tackling this topic many times in the past, and have now delivered what they feel has been their most complex video yet - and it's for that tiny box of tricks we know as the Nintendo GameCube.

Released in 2001, the GameCube came at a time before HD television was commonplace, and like its rivals, had a wide range of AV options - so many in fact that the following video is almost 30 minutes long.

In the video you'll see the benefits and drawbacks of the various GameCube AV options, as well as a look at the HDMI mod we tested ourselves not so long ago. If you're looking to obtain the best possible signal from your console, then it's well worth a watch.