""Ag ug ug ug ug!"

Popeye is one of the world's longest-running comic characters, and originally started life in 1929 - the same year as the infamous Wall Street Crash. His popularity has remained high even since, with TV shows, live-action movies and - of course - video games all bearing his name.

As the world prepares itself for yet another stab at turning the famous sailor into a cinematic triumph, Slopes Game Room has put together this exhaustive video which details the character's previous gaming exploits.

Of particular interest here is the Nintendo-made Popeye games. Popeye and Nintendo have a long history, with the Kyoto company finding success with playing cards bearing the sailor's likeness. Later, Nintendo wanted to create a Popeye arcade game but failed to secure the licence - that game would become Donkey Kong, the first title to feature Mario. Had Nintendo been successful in securing the Popeye brand, gaming history might have been very different.

Following the commercial success of Donkey Kong Nintendo was finally able to make a Popeye game, and this was subsequently ported to practically every platform of the period. Game & Watch titles also appeared, cementing Nintendo's association with the spinach-loving hero.

However, what's less well known is Popeye's gaming history beyond this point - so if you want to find out how the sailor did in his post-Nintendo period, give the following video a watch.

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