Pokkén Tournament on Wii U has certainly earned some fans, though like a lot of fighting games a dedicated audience has been digging up its flaws. That's not surprising, of course, as it's going to be prominent in the competitive scene this year through events like Evo and official Pokémon Championships.

The most notorious issue has been with Shadow Mewtwo and its infinite combo, or infinite blockstring as some describe it. When executing particular moves against a blocking opponent Shadow Mewtwo can set up a loop and keep attacking with the same combo, essentially becoming unbeatable once initiated. This is shown below.

This has been an issue since it was discovered not long after the game's release, and can even be exploited online. Thankfully it's going to be patched out soon with an update due in 'early April' (thanks Serebii); the patch will include the following:

  • A fix for the Shadow Mewtwo infinite combo / blockstring
  • An adjustment for Reshiram
  • Various bug fixes

Hopefully the fix won't be long in coming, and will certainly be welcome. Have you encountered this Shadow Mewtwo issue when playing Pokkén Tournament?

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