Pokémon Sun and Moon are still rather mysterious, with The Pokémon Company keeping details on the 3DS games under wraps so far. We're expecting a decent batch of information in the May issue of CoroCoro magazine, if not before.

Nevertheless eager fans believe they may have dug up some trademarks - from February this year - with potential names for Legendary Pokémon. The following names have users on NeoGAF speculating about all sorts of things, including potential settings (or inspired-by locations) like Spain, for example. The trademarks referenced are as follows.

  • Solgaleo (ソルガレオ)
  • Lunaala (ルナアーラ)

Other potential trademarks have been cited in the relevant thread, but we'll just stick to these for now - taking our lead from Serebii. Joe Merrick, webmaster of Serebii, has been keen to highlight that it's possible these trademarks aren't guaranteed to be Pokémon related. He's highlighted that while Pokémon trademarks are often (though not always) listed under Nintendo / Game Freak / The Pokémon Company, this one is through an IP lawyer, Yusuke Inui, likely serving as a proxy. It's something to watch, in any case.

Pokemon TV.jpg

Moving onto firmer ground, The Pokémon Company has released a major update for the Pokémon TV app on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. In North America new episodes of Pokémon The Series: XYZ are available on the app, and will be uploaded regularly shortly after they air on Cartoon Network. The UK version of the announcement doesn't mention this series, however, so it seems this is NA only (in terms of new episodes) for now.

Let us know what you think of the trademark rumours and the Pokémon TV app update in the comments.

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