The Legend of Zelda has taken this week's news by storm, due to "Zelda U" being confirmed as a dual release for both Wii U and NX systems in 2017. Continuing this - albeit in no way as grand in scale - the Zelda orchestral organisation - Symphony of the Goddesses - has announced an official Wind Waker baton up for preorder on its website.

Its appearance is based on the baton used by Link within the game (no doubt), and is also the same baton used by the conductor of the concert. This writer actually went to the orchestra last week and noticed this (and wanted one), as it certainly didn't make an appearance the year before.

WW baton.png

The baton is currently available for $40 USD, with an expected delivery of June 2016. Though the price is questionably high, it's likely to warm its way into the hearts of the many Zelda collectors out there.

Will you be making a preorder? Let us know your thoughts below!

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