Just recently we reported on a debate currently raging in the Spanish Super Smash Bros. community over potentially banning Bayonetta from tournaments. A top player in the country, Greward, discussed the topic and shared a belief that a ban of the DLC character seemed likely, albeit not yet finalised.

It was prompting a heated debate on both sides, and the official Twitter account for the country's Smash community has stated that it's not yet formalised, but it intends to announce a decision soon.

It's a hot topic over on the series' subreddit, in any case, and the conversation is dominating the boards. A thread that's prompted a lengthy conversation is now focused on the bullying of some of those using the character. A user called 'saddsmasher' posted the following.

I don't think it's Bayonetta that's toxic. I think the community is becoming toxic but yes, Bayonetta is the reason. Everytime my match starts some guys behind me start shouting at me whenever I do witchtime or combo somebody. Nobody ever cheers for me and people call me "the nobody that buyed his skills for 5.99". This is really saddening for me, I don't play Bayonetta because she is OP. I voted for her at the ballot and I was really excited to play her but now I regret it because of the community. I might go back to Sheik this week at my local tournament, this is not a joke, it really hurts me emotionally whenever I play Bayo at the tournament. I'm just done pretending to not care about all the haters. I came to my local place to have fun and find some friends. It was fun for me to play her but seems like nobody has fun fighting me, there is only one guy at our local who really enjoys fighting my Bayonetta because he finds it really challenging and the top5 players of my place are totally respectable towards her [sic].

There are plenty of replies on the topic, some once again debating the merits of the character. Others do discuss the bullying aspect, relaying experiences from their own local events - in some cases it's from using other characters that aren't universally popular, with taunts and insults used when playing. Naturally it is down to individual tournaments and their organisers to manage this, some of whom will undoubtedly be tough on these issues, while groups and communities all have their own dynamics. It's always disappointing, however, to read of players that feel excluded and alienated from their local tournaments.

Gonzalo Barrios (aka ZeRo) has also been pitching in a little - on Bayonetta as a character - via Twitter. His attitude is that players and the broader community should focus on how to beat the fighter rather than consider bans.

At present the debate over the role of Bayonetta in the competitive Smash Bros. scene is ongoing, though the support for banning the character is far from overwhelming. Even if the Spanish community decides to exclude the fighter, that wouldn't necessarily mean that the international scene would follow suit.

In the meantime, there's still a chance that the character will be adjusted in a game update; time will tell on Bayonetta's fate in competitive Smash Bros.