Update: Yep, as most of you guessed this was our contribution to the tradition of ludicrous and fabricated news stories on the first of April. We made it all up, all of what you see below is complete and utter nonsense as far as we know, we hope you got a laugh out of it! Massive thanks to Andy Carolan (@AndyCarolan) for the Inkle 'concept art'.

Original Article: Splatoon is one of the most critically and commercially successful Wii U titles to date, and considering it's a new IP that makes its success all the more impressive, but Nintendo still seems to think there's more to be made from the online squid-on-squid action this game offers, and so is releasing the title on its flagship handheld system as Splatoon Legends.

We've seen other Wii U games ported to the 3DS, most recently Hyrule Warriors, but bringing Splatoon to such a small unit is bound to come with technical consequences which we'll no doubt see more of later. In the meantime though, make sure you check out the video below where we run you through all we know about this unexpected potential delight.