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Nintendo continues to keep its cards close to its chest regarding NX, so in the meantime we've got lots of lovely rumours and "leaks" to sift through.

The latest round of whispers involves a series of Wii U remasters for the new console. More than one source has indicated that Super Mario Maker, Splatoon and Smash Bros. 4 are all in development for Nintendo NX. Nintendo is apparently trying to ensure that NX and Wii U players can interact with one another on these games. It is also being said that the as-yet-unnamed Zelda title for Wii U is also making the jump to NX, Twilight Princess-style.

Another rumour which has been corroborated by multiple sources relates to the NX's supposed power in comparison to other consoles. In the past we've heard that the system will lag behind the PS4, but the latest round of chatter seems to indicate that it will be more powerful "by a noticeable amount".

Another interesting piece of speculation is that the handheld element is still shrouded in secrecy - apparently even those who have NX dev kits don't know anything about it. This has led to suggestions that the handheld isn't the main focus with NX, which would be an interesting move given Nintendo's historic success in the portable sector.

These rumours have cropped up on NeoGAF thanks to a poster called 10K, and have since been confirmed by the recently-resurrected Twitter account of Emily Rogers:


Occasional Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson has reinforced the Super Mario Maker talk, while Nintendo World Report's Neal Ronaghan has pitched in to express doubts over whether Splatoon and Mario Maker will come due to apparent issues with controls and transferring the existing userbase. It's evident that sources are chatting but, as always, these are to be treated as rumours at this point.

What do you think of this latest round of rumours? Would you buy Wii U games on NX? Do you think NX can be more powerful than PS4 and still ship at a decent price? How do you feel about the handheld portion of the system taking a back seat? Let us know by posting a comment.