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Road Redemption was a crowdfunding success story back in Spring 2013, tapping into nostalgia for Road Rash and offering chaotic bike racing action. After some early stumbles it recovered to start out as an early access PC title in Fall 2014, though progress towards a final release since then has been a little slow.

Earlier this week it then looked like the Wii U version was rather doubtful, as the studio outlined its release plans for PC, Xbox and PS4 before posting the following in response to backers.

Hey guys, here is some clarification on Wii-U. Anyone who backed for Wii-U can definitely choose to receive a PS4 or Xbox One copy instead when those versions become available (or Steam version now). We have definitely not ruled out a Wii-U release, however due to the current complexity of the game and the weak hardware of the Wii-U, it will take a tremendous amount of optimization to make it happen. This would have to happen after PS4 and Xbox One versions are complete.

It seems that this message wasn't quite on point - the language certainly put the Wii U iteration in some doubt, if not ruling it out completely. Jason Tate from DarkSeas Games has now issued an update to Eurogamer which is more positive about an eventual Wii U version, even mentioning use of the GamePad for multiplayer.

What yesterday's communication meant to do was shed a little more light on our development process.

It's easier to optimise our PC version of Road Redemption for Xbox One and PS4. We benefit from each of those optimisations as we make further optimisations for Wii U. Our goal is to for Wii U owners to have the exact same experience as their PS4 and Xbox One brethren.

That is all we were trying to say, and I apologise if it came off as unclear, curt or offensive to Wii U owners.

We are still actively pursuing Wii U development, and we're very excited to take advantage of the second screen for a splitscreen-free local multiplayer experience.

It does seem to be a case of miscommunication, though a number of unhappy Kickstarter backers - not keen to switch their chosen platform from Wii U - may have prompted a rethink for the developer.

In any case it seems to be on track once again for Wii U, albeit we have a wait on our hands.