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31st March was a notable day for fans of the big N, with Club Nintendo replacement My Nintendo launching in addition to Nintendo / DeNA's first full app - Miitomo. They're certainly tied together in their intention of encouraging fans old and new to engage with the company - hence the shared release date - though in practice target very different audiences. Miitomo is an app that's already been downloaded a few million times by curious smart device owners, while chasing the top rewards in My Nintendo is largely reserved for those with enthusiasm for the task.

Over the coming weekend we'll be publishing an updated 'economy of My Nintendo' article based on the rewards we're seeing in the West, and this writer is also going to do some other editorial malarkey on the releases. Yet we want to know what you think of the loyalty programme and social app so far - are you enjoying them both, maybe only one of them, or is it all the klaxon for Nintendo's end times as it abandons long-held principles?

Well, the latter's an exaggeration, perhaps, but we've seen some sharing opinions not far off that; on the flipside we've seen plenty full of praise for Nintendo's releases this week. Ultimately we want to know what you think, and it'll help inform our weekend content.

So, click some poll buttons below and sound off in the comments.

What are your early impressions of Miitomo?
What are your early impressions of My Nintendo?
What do you think of Miitomo's long term potential?
What do you think of My Nintendo's long term potential?