Pokémon Shuffle appears to have been one of Nintendo's more successful free-to-play releases on the 3DS eShop. Not necessarily in terms of money made for Nintendo, that we don't know, but its simple but addictive tile matching has struck a chord with some eager players.

The good news is that some brand new campaign stages have been added in the latest update, which takes it up to version 1.3.8. There are plenty of timed event and special stages, of course, but we're talking about new campaign levels which bring - of course - more Pokémon to catch.

Serebii is putting together a list of the stages, which are only unlocked with the update and hitting specific criteria - click on through to the Pokémon site if you're happy to have a spoiler. It's citing 50 extra stages, which is rather nice for free, and the mobile version has also following suit.

Are you still enjoying Pokémon Shuffle or are you, like this writer, a long way from accessing the new levels? Let us know.