Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is an intriguing upcoming release for the Wii U, finally making its way out of Japan to hit Europe and North America on 24th June.

The unique RPG - co-developed by Nintendo and Atlus - combines aspects of Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, though is so colourful and quirky when viewed that it's not so easily defined. Nevertheless there's buzz around it, and now Nintendo has announced a handsome 'Special Edition' - branded as the 'Fortissimo Edition' in Europe, a music term for 'very loud'. It includes "a 5x8 color artbook, a six-song soundtrack CD featuring some of the game's awesome music, six song cards and a sticker sheet", along with a DLC pack that includes five pieces of content that'll otherwise cost $1.99 each.

Below are the North American and European promotional images, starting with the NA version, which is listed by Nintendo of America as exclusive to GameStop and Amazon in its region.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions.jpg

It's going to have a recommended price of $79.99 in the US, with pricing to be confirmed in Europe.

Are you interested in picking this up in the Summer?