Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

As many of you are aware, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is on its way to the Wii U, but not the 3DS. This is something that may be confusing – and perhaps a bit disappointing – to some, considering the fact that it is also set to release on smart devices. In the latest part of its winter Q&A, Natsume opted to tackle this head-on, explaining why the game isn't coming to 3DS, while also discussing the future plans it has for development on the 3DS.

The first question asked has to do with why the 3DS is being 'skipped' for Seeds of Memories. Natsume's reply is a little bit coy, mentioning that it wanted to offer a Harvest Moon title on 'other devices', suggesting that smart devices were the primary focus of this release.

Skipped over implies it wasn't considered as a candidate; while we know we have ample 3DS fans, we wanted to offer a Harvest Moon title on other devices. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is the first true Harvest Moon release for smartphones, giving new players the opportunity to enjoy the world of Harvest Moon.

In terms of the company's plans for future games on the 3DS, it claims to be keeping its options open. There's no commitment to be seen here, and the wording of it makes it sound like there's nothing in the pipeline right now, but it doesn't dismiss the 3DS outright.

We're definitely keeping our options open, both with our own franchises (Harvest Moon, Reel Fishing, Gabrielle, and Ninja) as well as looking for nifty niche games. We're always open to hearing fan suggestions!

Finally, it was asked how the company feels about the NX. The company didn't confirm that it was developing for the console, but it's interested in hearing the official announcement.

We're looking forward to hearing the official word on things from Nintendo. All of these rumours are crazy!

What do you think? Would you have liked to have seen Seeds of Memories on 3DS? What else would you like to see arrive on the console from Natsume? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source ceecee-natsume.tumblr.com]